“Who am I?”

Your personal growth journey

“Who am I?”

If you’ve asked yourself this question more than once in your life, personal growth is for you.


Actually, each one of us, in our lives, is going through a journey of personal growth. 


Every experience teaches us something, and how we react to events and situations creates the life we live and the kind of person we are.


The thing is, especially at the beginning of our lives, we are conditioned by our caregivers (our family, our teachers).


Our brain takes every information without any filter, and for us, this becomes the TRUTH.


This truth is not OUR truth, and it might end up being an obstacle to our fulfillment.


Oftentimes, we are not aware of that.


Maybe we have a dream, a passion, a desire… but we can’t seem to fulfill those dreams…


We feel resigned and powerless. And we don’t know why it’s so difficult to achieve those goals.


We keep making the same mistakes, having the same bad habits, feeling the same unwanted emotions…


Why does this keep happening?

Why can’t we change?


Because we’re not aware of what is REALLY stopping us. 


We don’t know what the ROOT cause of our behavior is.


We are kind of asleep, blindfolded.


And the thing is, you can’t change anything if you are not aware of it first.


To be aware is like turning on the light in a dark room. You begin seeing things for what they really are.


Then, you can face them. And change them.


Personal growth helps you turn that light on in yourself.


BUT it’s important to remove the attachment to the result.


Because the more we want something and the more we’re attached to that outcome, the more it’s difficult to pursue those goals.


Our journey is to evolve and grow… and if we remove the attachment – and our EGO involved – things will unfold naturally.


So remember: keep evolving, without attachment to the result.