We are always looking outside of ourselves, but the answer is much closer.

Listen to your inner child.

To all the women who made mistakes, who are afraid of making mistakes, and who think they’re not enough…

I know these emotions hold you back and keep you stuck.

There is something you can do.

You can go back to the times when, as a child, something happened and you felt wrong, incapable, not good enough.

Go back to that child now, listen to her.

Be with her emotions.

As a child, she probably had no one who could accept her and embrace her emotions.

You don’t have to talk, nor explain anything.

Just be with her, feel what she’s feeling and accept whatever she has to say, whatever tear she wants to cry, whatever angry or disappointed word she wants to speak.

You can do that.

And while you’re there, listening to her, hugging her, and saying so many loving words to her… you might notice something.

This one thing will slow down time…and it will be eye-opening.

You will get that all this time, the one who was judging you…was YOU.

Something will melt away.

Tears will probably come out, YOUR tears this time.

But that’s okay, you’re not wrong, it’s just how our minds work.

Now that you know what really happened, you can put an end to this suffering.

You can give yourself PEACE.

You can bring LOVE and COMPASSION to your inner child and to the part of you that held her back and judged her.

You can heal your wounds.

Have a Good discovery, my friend.

How to connect with your inner child

During the day find some moments when you can relax and visit her.

Close your eyes.

Where are you?

What are you doing with her?

If you feel upset, overwhelmed, anxious, you can ask her, “How are you feeling? How is it for you to feel these emotions?”

Listen to her without any judgment.

If she wants to cry, don’t hold back.

If she is angry, let the anger out – in a protected space where you two are safe and nobody else is around.

You can apologize to your inner child if you realize you have denied her your attention, your love.

You can also go back to painful events and comfort her, parent her as a caring mom would do.

Your words will calm her and make her feel seen and heard.

This may heal her wounds and free you from the suffering you feel today.

You can do this, my friend!